Doji Ashiro

Crane Clan Duellist


Ashiro is tall, 5’10", but thin and wiry.

Hair dyed white and worn straight and long in the traditional Crane style.

He is always immaculately dressed in expensive kimonos, and carries himself with poise and grace. His light armour looks unused.

Overly polite, but cold and distant, he is not easily liked. His disdain for those of lower social station is noticeable.

Doji Ashiro looks every inch the typical Doji courtier apart from the Clan sacred daisho he carries.

Earth 2 (Stamina 2, Willpower 2)
Water 2 (Strength 2, Perception 2)
Air 3 (Reflexes 3, Awareness 3)
Fire 2 (Agility 2, Intelligence 2)
Void 3

Etiquette 3
Iaijutsu (Focus) 4
Kenjutsu 3
Kyujutsu 1
Sincerity 2
Tea Ceremony 1
Defense 2
Courtier 3
Investigation 1
Artisan Poetry 1
Lore Bushido 1
Lore History 1
Meditation 1
Athletics 1
Perform Poetry 1
Horsemanship 1

Insight: 153

Unspent XP: 11

Sacred Weapon (5)

Consumed (Insight – Tea Ceremony) (4)
Failure of Bushido (Compassion) (3)
Fascination (Iaijutsu) (1)
Insensitive (2)


When Ashiro was ten years old his father took him to court for the first time to begin his court education before attending the Doji Courtier school. Ashiro’s father, Doji Masaro, a minor Crane Clan courtier, had been given a prestigious task to deliver an ancestral daisho to a visiting daimyo. On route to present his gift, his son dutifully in tow, he crashed into a visiting Lion samurai who was also attending the gift giving. The Lion’s gift, a delicate jade statue of a crane, was smashed in the collision.

The Matsu’s temper flared and seeing the daisho he immediately challenged the young courtier to a duel. Dismissing the Crane’s protestations as cowardice, the Lion didn’t wait and cut the Crane down.

When the Court became aware, the Lion was forced to commit seppuku for his crime. The young Ashiro, seeing his father killed before him, vowed to never suffer his fate.

Ashiro’s mother mourned for a year, but her spirit never recovered and she died the following summer of a broken heart. Ashiro became withdrawn. His admission to Doji courtier school had been forgotten, but it was not what he wanted; he petitioned his uncle to be allowed to attend the Kakita Duelling Academy. The boy was sent away from court and the whole sorry affair was forgotten.

With little to distract him, Ashiro excelled. His Doji heritage allowed him to read his opponents better than his peers. His drive and focus made him more attuned with Void than most. And whilst he wasn’t the fastest in his class his other advantages made his strike always first and true, much to the resentment of the other Kakita.

Doji Ashiro won his gempukku duelling contest and was presented with a sacred Crane Clan blade. The first step on his path of mastery of Iaijutsu.

Doji Ashiro

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