Hida Hiroyuki

Crab Clan Bushi


‘Giant of a man,
The heaviest of armour,
Eyes of emerald.’

Name: Hida Hiroyuki
Clan: Crab
School: Hida Bushi
Rank: 2
Insight: 150
Honour: 3.5
Glory: 1
Status: 1

Earth 3 (Stamina 3, Willpower 3)
Air 2 (Reflexes 2, Awareness 2)
Water 3 (Strength 3, Perception 3)
Fire 2 (Agility 3, Intelligence 2)
Void 2

School skills
Athletics 3 (Str)
Defence 3 (Ref)
Heavy Weapons 4 (Ag), Tetsubo
Intimidation 1 (Aw)
Kenjutsu 2 (Ag)
Lore: Shadowlands 2 (Int)
Iaijutsu 2 (Ref)

Other Skills
Artisan: Origami 1 (Aw)
Horsemanship 1 (Ag)
Hunting 2 (Per)
Investigation 3 (Per)
Lore: Bushido 2 (Int)
Meditation 2 (Void)
Etiquette 1 (Aw)
Medicine 1 (Int)

Luck (3)
Crab Hands (2)
Great Destiny (5)
Large (3)
Strength of the Earth (2)

Can’t Lie (2)
Lost Love (3)
Sworn Enemy (Kharmic) (5)


‘Shugenja fortell,
A new dawn of the Empire,
This Crab to be key.’

‘Born into kindness,
A home bordered by shadow,
War, yet still laughter.’

‘Joy everlasting,
Marriage and expectancy,
Childhood friend betrays.’

‘Bitterness, anger,
The Crab strikes at the Shadow,
Enemies skulls crushed.’

‘Serenity now,
Pain and sorrow linger still,
The new dawn begins.’

Hida Hiroyuki

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