Crab Families


The Hida

The descendants of the Kami, Hida, they are amongst the largest and most physically powerful samurai in the Empire. The Hida Bushi School concentrates on damage mitigation and heavy weapon use.

The Hiruma

Silent and deadly, the Hiruma are the scouts and yojimbo of the clan. The Hiruma Bushi School emphasises movement and survival.

The Kaiu

The industrious Kaiu are responsible for the most impressive and long-standing feats of engineering in all the Empire

The Kuni

Sinister in appearance and deed, the Kuni are amongst the most feared shugenja families in the Empire. The Kuni Shugenja School emphasises the Crab tradition of fighting creatures of the Shadowlands.

The Toritaka

Once known as the Falcon Clan, this small family was absorbed into the Crab. They are highly knowledgeable about ghosts and spirits of all kinds.

The Yasuki

Strangely at odds with the other Crab families, the Yasuki are slight of build and devious of mind. They were once a family of the Crane clan. The Yasuki Courtier School teaches the use of commerce for gaining the favour of others.

The Crab Clan

Crab Families

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