Crane Families


The Asahina

Quiet and serene, the Asahina are among the most monastic of all samurai families. They are also the most pacifistic, even more so than the Phoenix Clan, and abhor violence, seeking other means of resolving disputes at all costs. The Asahina are also known for their devotion to philosophy and the arts. The Asahina Shugenja School concentrates on defence and protection.

The Daidoji

The so-called Iron Crane are the strong arm of the clan and the enforcers of the Doji and Kakita’s will. They do not employ grace and style as their kinsmen do, but instead focus on sheer strength of arms and employ tactics that some might consider ruthless or even dishonourable. Daidoji means ‘defenders of Doji’, and it is a name the family has earned. The Daidoji Iron Warriors teach fighting techniques that emphasise both enduring the damage of one’s opponents and protecting their charge.

The Doji

Lords of the clan, the Doji are the unquestioned masters of culture and politics in the Empire. It is a testament to the Doji’s cunning and influence that the clan has endured for a thousand years despite being beset by larger, more militant clans who find the Crane’s dominance of the courts endlessly antagonistic. The Doji Courtier School focusses on the creation of vast networks of allies upon whom the clan can call to accomplish almost anything.

The Kakita

Literal cousins of the Doji, the Kakita family was created by the children of Lady Doji and her husband Kakita during the dawn of the Empire. The Kakita believe in excelling at one’s chosen task, whether that is war or art. Like other Crane families, the Kakita are also well known for their physical beauty. The sacred art of iaijutsu is taught to a pinnacle of excellence at the Kakita Duelling Academy.

The Crane Clan

Crane Families

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