Scorpion Families


The Bayushi

Ruthless and deceitful, the lords of the Scorpion Clan possess many talents, all of which have been put to sinister use for the benefit of the clan and the Empire. The family’s Bushi School teaches a set of techniques best described as dirty fighting, whilst their Courtier School produces masters of manipulation and deceit, adept at discovering and exploiting the weaknesses of their opponents.

The Shosuro

The Shosuro dwell in shadows, secretive and withdrawn. When the clan requires some impossible task performed without complication, it is a Shosuro who fulfills the duty. The Shosuro Infiltrator School is unknown to most outside the clan.

The Soshi

The main Shugenja family of the clan specialises in magic designed to enhance the clan’s efforts in politics, deceit and manipulation. The Soshi School teaches a shugenja to cast spells discretely.

The Yogo

No family among the Great Clans is more feared or reviled than the Yogo, the Scorpion’s second shugenja family. They are descended from a Phoenix who was cursed to betray the one he loved the most. The curse has passed down into the family’s bloodline, and so many avoid the Yogo whenever possible.

The Scorpion Clan

Scorpion Families

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