The Crane Clan


Crane Families


The lands controlled by the Crane lie in the east of the Empire, and are some of the most extensive and productive of any clan’s, owing to their historically close relationship with the rulers of the Empire. Virtually every resource required is produced within the Crane lands, save for some of the more uncommon ores and minerals, and they trade well with the other clans. It is no wonder that the Crane are among the wealthiest of clans, and have the most well-attended courts, given the beauty and rich resources of their home provinces.

Typical Attitudes

Crab – Brutish oafs who think the rules of polite society should not apply to them simply because they do what they do.
Dragon – Strange people who prefer to stay hidden in the mountains and contemplate the universe.
Lion – They have the temperament of angry children and the flexibility of a stone sculpture.
Mantis – They are ostentatious beyond all belief, but willing to undertake all manner of unsavoury tasks for pay.
Phoenix – Perhaps our closest allies, they at least understand the benefit of a structured and orderly society.
Scorpion – Deceitful, manipulative cretins who will stoop to the lowest means to accomplish their aims.
Unicorn – They remain grateful for our assistance in re-establishing them when they returned to the Empire.
Minor Clans – Those descended from our own ranks deserve our consideration, but the rest are of little use in the grand scheme of things.

Current Status

Whilst the Crane Clan is still very much the left hand of the Empire’s rulers, since the ascension of Empress Iweko Crane influence has waned, at least according to those who pay keen attention to such matters. Most people would dismiss such speculation as nonsense, especially given that the empress has followed tradition and taken a Crane spouse. The Clan is, at least on the face of it, still very much responsible for maintaining the balance and integrity of the Empire’s courts and of Rokugani society in general.

The Great Clans

The Crane Clan

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