The Dragon Clan


Dragon Families


The Dragon Clan controls provinces that are almost exclusively mountainous, making it difficult for them to marshal any significant amount of resources. Fortunately, the few plains they control are very arable, although still too small to feed the entire clan. The minerals they mine from the mountains are the clan’s primary resource, and one they trade heavily in order to feed their people.

Typical Attitudes

Crab – They cling to duty with enormous tenacity, and that is admirable, but their open disdain for everything outside their own realm of experience is their weakness.
Crane – Like the Crab, they create their own hardships by alienating those around them.
Lion – The Lion have a mighty roar, but it deafens them to the sound of all else.
Mantis – Hardy souls who live fully in the world, but they forsake their own spirits in doing so.
Phoenix – Our closest allies and those most fully on the path to enlightenment.
Scorpion – We have been allies at times, and we respect their strengths without the judgement that other clans levy against them.
Unicorn – Most believe they have no place in the Empire, but they do not listen, and embrace ways that others find abhorrent.
Minor Clans – Greatness may spring from the lowliest of places, but the ambitious must beware lest their own desires cast them down.

Current Status

Withdrawn, secretive and mysterious. Status does not concern the Dragon, even when a Kitsuki sits on the Imperial Throne.

The Great Clans

The Dragon Clan

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