The Mantis Clan


Mantis Families


No clan has holdings as diverse as the Mantis. Their primary holding is an island chain known as the Islands of Silk and Spice, which lie to the south-east of the Empire. The Yoritomo have held these islands for centuries and reaped the reward of their exotic plants, spices and abundant fishing. The Tsuruchi, Moshi and Kitsune families have holdings on the mainland, primarily mountainous they do also hold the Kitsune Mori forest, well-known for its quality wood.

Typical Attitudes

Crab – Our cousins are formidable warriors and strong allies, but their view of the world is too narrow.
Crane – Cowardly politicians content o sit back and let others take the risks while they take the glory.
Dragon – They do not judge us for our differences, and for that we respect them.
Lion – Small-minded bigots incapable of seeing the reality of the world that surrounds them.
Phoenix – A thousand years ago they harboured the murderer of our founder’s father. They learned then what it means to call down the thunder, and yet today they have forgotten.
Scorpion – At least they understand how the world truly works, even if they are foolish enough to let everyone know how devious and secretive they are.
Unicorn – Our fellow outsiders. They have always treated us with respect and courtesy, and for that we will treat them with the honour they deserve.
Minor Clans – We were born from the ranks of the Minor Clans and have brought several of them into our ranks. We offer them friendship and aid in the hope that they will emulate our success.

Current Status

Since their creation the Mantis have been striving to prove themselves worthy of being called a Great Clan, and this is a state-of affairs that persists to this day. Perhaps the advent of a new Imperial Dynasty will signal a sea-change for this clan.

The Great Clans

The Mantis Clan

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