The Phoenix Clan


Phoenix Families


The Phoenix control the northeastern region of Rokugan, including a portion of the Great Wall of the North Mountains, a section of coastline, and one of the largest forests in the Empire, the Isawa Mori. The clan’s croplands are fertile, but tend to have longer and harsher winters than elsewhere, which reduces their ability to produce food. Fortunately the coastline offers a rich bounty of seafood. A unique resource of the Phoenix is the wood from the Isawa Mori, which is of exceptional quality for the creation of the scrolls used by shugenja. The clan is very careful about how much of this precious resource it exports.

Typical Attitudes

Crab – An existence that consists solely of war erodes the soul.
Crane – Like us, they avoid war at all costs, but all too often they allow petty politics to influence their decisions.
Dragon – Our closest allies share much of our devotion, although their methods are strange.
Lion – Why must there always be war?
Mantis – Upstarts and braggarts.
Scorpion – Nothing can accomplished with such ridiculous deceptions.
Unicorn – They are uncouth and distasteful, but they understand many foreign forms of magic that should be carefully studied.
Minor Clans – Of little significance, but for this very reason, deserving of our protection so long as they recognise their humble place.

Current Status

As a clan of peaceful scholars and priests, the Phoenix rarely rise to great political prominence, like the Crane, or present massive military influence, like the Lion. However, the clan still maintains a presence in all the major courts and even the most bellicose Daimyo will at least listen to a Phoenix courtier when he advises against violence.

The Great Clans

The Phoenix Clan

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