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  • PC Requirements

    [[File:339187 | class=media-item-align-none | PCs.jpg]] * [[The Great Clans | Great Clans]] only for starting characters. * [[Samurai | Samurai]] only. * Basic schools only. * Only school techniques from a character's [[The Great Clans | clan]] may …

  • Samurai

    [[File:339202 | class=media-item-align-center | Samurai.jpg]] h3. [[Bushi]] h3. [[Shugenja]] h3. [[Courtier]] h3. [[Gempukku]] h3. [[Duties]] h3. [[Aspirations]] [[Main Page | Main Page]]

  • Doji Ashiro

    When Ashiro was ten years old his father took him to court for the first time to begin his court education before attending the Doji Courtier school. Ashiro's father, Doji Masaro, a minor Crane Clan courtier, had been given a prestigious task to deliver …

  • Hida Hiroyuki

    'Shugenja fortell, A new dawn of the Empire, This Crab to be key.' 'Born into kindness, A home bordered by shadow, War, yet still laughter.' 'Joy everlasting, Marriage and expectancy, Childhood friend betrays.' 'Bitterness, anger, The Crab …