The Crab Clan


Crab Families


The lands of the Crab lie to the south and west of the Empire. The lands are largely mountainous, with a small degree of open terrain in the northern foothills and scattered among the peaks of their various mountain ranges, notably the Twilight Mountains and the Wall Above the Ocean Mountains. A portion of their lands, primarily those belonging to the Kuni and Hiruma, have suffered terribly from previous assaults by the Shadowlands, and are almost completely barren. As a result, the Crab are forced to import a great deal of their food. Fortunately, the mountains are rich in ore, giving them ample supplies for trade.

Typical Attitudes

Crane – Pathetic, weak socialites with scarcely a warrior amongst them.
Dragon – Their ways are strange and nonsensical.
Lion – They alone understand what it means to wage war, but even they have no appreciation for what it is we do each day.
Mantis – Our distant cousins are brave enough, but so intent on proving themselves that they behave foolishly.
Phoenix – Pacifism has no place among samurai.
Scorpion – There is no-one more useless than a Scorpion.
Unicorn – Our closest allies, they understand what it means to be ostracised because they do not care for the peculiar rules and fashions that command the day in other courts.
Minor Clans – They understand what it means to struggle to survive everyday.

Current Status

For the Crab there has only ever been war. Atop the Kaiu Wall they protect the rest of Rokugan from the filth of the Shadowlands. As a result of this eternal vigilance the clan has had little time for politics and courtly nonsense. This situation has helped create and reinforce the stereotype of all Crabs as thick-headed, unsophisticated and capable only of fighting. The emergence of a new Clan Champion, 10 years ago, began to change the way in which the Crab interacted with the other clans. Hida Ashigaru appears to be a typical Crab of the Hida family, but his large head contains a ruthlessly sharp political brain, and he is tired of his Clan being treated as the dullards of the Empire. Some of the more shrewd political observers have begun taking note of this sea-change within the least political of all the clans.

The Great Clans

The Crab Clan

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