The Scorpion Clan


Scorpion Families


The Scorpion hold lands immediately south and east of the Spine of the World Mountains, including a region of the mountains themselves. The arable regions of the Scorpion provinces are not exceptionally fertile, and this is perhaps why Empress Iweko awarded the clan some lands previously owned by the Mantis Clan, abutting Crane lands. The rest of the Scorpion lands are rather barren but provide the clan with solitude, something many Scorpion families find essential to their pursuits.

Typical Views

Crab – Be extremely cautious for they are too stupid to be manipulated.
Crane – They have so much potential if they would but cast aside their pointless desire to remain virtuous in the eyes of others.
Dragon – They sometimes count us among their allies, and they have always treated us with the respect other clans deny us.
Lion – Anger and honour are easy to manipulate.
Mantis – Those who are so ridiculously eager to prove themselves will jump headlong into virtually anything, with minimal effort on our part.
Phoenix – They can be manipulated easily, but their prowess allows them to see through many simple deceptions.
Unicorn – We facilitated their reintroduction to Rokugan, but that does not mean we believe they belong here.
Minor Clans – They are too weak and unimportant to bother with, unless they threaten or defy us, in which case they must be crushed without mercy.

Current Status

The Scorpion remain the underhand of the Empire’s rulers. Empress Iweko seems to regard the clan as a necessary evil.

The Great Clans

The Scorpion Clan

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